Here are some helpful tips on getting the most out of your TactiBite Fish Call:

Tip #1: Fish must be in the area!

We know that this seems obvious, but it will not attract fish that aren't in the area.  We try to get  a bite or two before even deploying it.  That way you know that fish are near.  Your TactiBite Fish Call will help to keep the school together and keep them interested.

Tip #2: Start with a low volume setting.

Sound is much louder in the water than in the air, so even if you barely hear it in your hand, trust us - when it's in the water the fish can hear it! Start 2 or 3 clicks down from the default volume, and only turn the volume higher when it's extremely rough or lots of boat traffic. If the volume is too loud it could scare away the fish - no one wants that! If you're in a small confined pond or lake, you should start down at the minimum volume setting. Remember, fish that are in confined water get completely accustomed to their surroundings and react totally differently than fish that live in open water, where new variables are constantly introduced. If you've found that max volume works best for you even in a calm area, then by all means keep using it! We've just found that in general, it's better to start low and work your way higher than the other way around!

Tip #3: Toss it in Gently!

We toss it in underhand and low to minimize the splash. If you're in a super calm area, just set it in the water next to you instead of tossing it in to avoid spooking the fish! Here's some awesome footage from the TV Show "Coastal Fishing Concepts", where Capt. Charlie Thomason uses it to help him sight-fish for Redfish in calm water:

Tip #4: Try the Different Sounds.

We made a video about this, so check it out here. It's definitely worth the watch so you can get an understanding of which sound to use in your conditions.

Tip #5: It's Not Magic!

Our last tip is that you need to remember it's not magic - if there aren't any fish in the area or they're just not biting, we can't help that. It's still fishing, and some days are just bad, but with a little luck and some help from your TactiBite Fish Call, you should have less bad days and more successful ones!   Let us know which sounds and volume levels worked for you, and if it didn't work in certain conditions we want to know that too. We're always looking to improve and help our customers catch more fish!