Strategic Partner:

TactiBite, LLC is seeking an investor/partner to help accelerate our growth. Since we started shipping product less than a year ago, we have experienced incredible growth, mostly in our online business.

Our first airing on ABC's "Shark Tank" on September 30, 2016 gave us tremendous exposure on a worldwide stage (over 6 Million Viewers). We are still getting numerous orders every day from customers who saw us and the TactiBite Fish Call on the show. This has been increased even further after we re-aired on December 16th, 2016, and again on September 22nd, 2017. At this point we estimate that over 10 MILLION people have seen our segment! Our sales have skyrocketed to proportions that have been challenging to keep up with from a shipping and inventory control standpoint, and we have made considerable changes to our infrastructure and staff to handle the increased demand.

Even though our growth has been off the charts, we feel that we are not maximizing our potential. We are looking for a strategic partner who can help accelerate our growth even further through either affiliation, licensing, or acquisition. Contact for more info.